Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Prawn Tempura

My daughter’s favorite. She never eats any other seafood as much as this prawn and when it comes to Tempura I  have to stop her from eating is the state. She just loves it like anything J.

We got to taste this starter at the Spice Island, Renaissance Hotel in Dubai. The chef  used to make this  at one of the Japanese live food station,  after several visits I got hang of the way they made.  Infact I tried to make my own way but have  made a twist to the recipe, as the tempura at the hotels are very bland and we love it to be little spicy hence  I have made a small variation to suit our taste.

To make the best crunchy and yummy tempura  the oil should be hot and the batter mix should be very cold to get the proper golden tempura. 


Prawns deveined and washed  15 nos. **                                                                                            Tempura powder readily available in any supermarkets   ***                                                                        Ginger and garlic paste – ¼ tsp                                                                                                                 White pepper – ½  tsp                                                                                                                             Salt to taste Ice cubes – about 10 or 12 pcs                                                                                           Chilled water – as much as you need for making the batter                                                                           Oil for deep frying                                                                                                                                              
** Vegetarians please make this baby corn, aubergine, okra, zucchini, sweet potatoes, or any fresh vegetable you like

*** you can make your own tempura batter but I never liked the way the ready to use mix gives.


First lets marinate the prawn, ginger and garlic paste, pepper and salt and let this get marinated for about one hour, also keep in mind it should not be watery the marination.

Keep in mind we will make the batter just before frying the prawn and do not make  the batter earlier.

Once the prawn is marinated. We will make the batter, keep the ice cubes under the bowl and put the tempura powder in the bowl and use ice cold water to make the batter like how we make for bajji.

Take a marinated prawn dip them into the tempura batter and slip them into the oil and fry well till golden. They will turn out so crispy and golden.

Do not fry too many at a time.

Serve this with ketchup or chilli sauce J

How do you like this? This is a killer starter.....all your guests will love this!!


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