Friday, September 28, 2012

Kerala Banana Chips

Kerala banana chips is one of the crisp items served  in any Kerala Sadhya. Without this a traditional sadhya remains incomplete. Not much of a hardship to get this yummy chips made at home.

Ingredients :

Raw Banana nenthran kaya : 2 nos
Turmeric powder : ¼
Salt water : ½  tsp in ¼  cup water (saline water)
Coconut oil for frying



- In a bow add some water and a bit of turmeric powder and keep aside.

- Peel the outer skin of the bananas and throw them into the  turmeric water for 20         minutes. This will prevent the banana turning black and also it will remove the stickiness stains from the  plantain.
- User a slicer and make  thin round pieces or slice them into nice round slices manually and let them dry on the tray so that the moisture evaporates

- Heat the oil in a deep frying pan on medium heat, slide the sliced bananas into hot oil without overcrowding them. Occasionally give stir to flip them and keep them from sticking together.

- When it is half done, reduce the  flame low  and sprinkle the saline solution. You can every cover with a lid till the oil settles down to normal.

- Increase the flame and  fry till crispy.
- Remove to a tissue paper to remove the excess oil and you can store in an airtight container.

Happy munching!!!

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