Monday, September 24, 2012

Mushroom Masala


Mushrooms - 2 cups (sliced)
Coriander seeds/powder - 2 tbsp 
One piece of whole garam masala (Cardamom, Cinnamon Stick small, Cloves)
Dry red chillies/powder – 3 Nos
Onions medium finely chopped - 1 No
Garlic and ginger paste - 1 tbsp
Tomato small -  1 No
Turmeric powder  ¼  tsp
Curd – ¼  cup



·         In a pan dry roast the  2 tbsp of coriander powder and  1 tbsp of chilly powder very lightly  and keep aside.
·         Wash the mushroom pieces and drain it nicely. 
·         Heat oil in a pan and add crushed garam masala fry for 1 minute. Throw in the chopped onion when slightly brown add  ginger and garlic well. Now add chopped tomato till the tomatoes are nicely mushy.

·         Add turmeric powder along with mushroom pieces and salt, give it a good mux. Please don’t add   add water, as mushrooms will ooze out some juice and it can cook in that itself. Cook for about 5 minutes. Give a stir here and there.
·         Now time to add  curd along with the powdered red chillies and coriander powder and mix it nicely. Let it  cook for another 10 minutes or till almost all water gets  evaporated. Put some  chopped coriander leaves and its ready to serve.
It tastes yummy with chapathi or any Indian break or even steamed rice. I had some left overs from last night and I had a delicious lunch with curd rice it was a good combi.


  1. yummy masala...

    Ongoing Event
    Let's Party- Prasadam Special

    1. Thank you so much!!

      BTW I was away to India and happen to see your event just last night. Will soon send in my entry for the event.

      Happy hosting!!


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