Monday, September 3, 2012

Bhakri with Nachini


Yields : 8  bhakris

1 ¾  cups red millet flour  + extra flour for dabbing
1 cups water +  ½  cup in a cup for dabbing

No salt is added as the dough will not get incorporated well

Boil  water in a pot  to a rolling point. This is essential because the flour is gluten free and only heated water will help in forming the dough. In another bowl  place the flour pour 3/4 th of the boiling water all over the flour and quickly start incorporating the flour into it with a spoon and let the  water to get absorbed.

Once the dough cools down, mix the dough with your hand. Sprinkle little luke warm water to your hand and nicely incorporate the dough well to a soft dought like if you touch the dough it should easily sink if you dig with a finger. Please ensure that you don’t add  too much water as it will tear the bhakri  when you are making them. Too less water will make  hard dough and you won’t be able to pat it into a circle. Keep about  ½  cup of flour in a plate to use for dusting. Close the dough with a wet cloth or else the dough will dry up soon.

Take a lime size  dough  and Flatten slightly. Dab both the sides with dry flour.  Now use the  rolling pin and slowly give  a light roll. If the bread tears, just patch it up again and proceed without applying pressure in that area. Almost like how we make roti, only thing do not put so much of pressure in rolling the  bhakri.

Heat a tawa and lift carefully the rolled bhakri and dust of excess flour on both the sides and place them for cooking. When  one side is cooked for about a minute on low heat, flip the bhakri to the other side. Now remove the griddle and using a pair of chapati turners flip again over stove ON HIGH HEAT. The bhakri will puff up just like  a balloon.
Since this is a cuisine I am not familiar with at all, I decided to not meddle with the original recipe and follow it without any alterations.


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