Friday, May 25, 2012

Strawberry and Lemon Ginger Ale

Its summer  here, any amount of water, juice are  welcome during this time. Here goes another drink. Hope you all will enjoy this as much as I  loved it.

Serves: 6 - 8 cupsIngredients:
3 lemons, squeezed.
8 slices of ginger.
handful of mint leaves.
1 cup strawberry's, cut in quarters.
6 tbsp sugar (or as much or as more as you like)
8 cups of water. (divide this into 2 in different utensils)
Ice cubes about  3 cups


·        Add the ginger slices to one portion of the water and allow it boil well so that the ginger flavor gets into the water
·        Add sugar and boil the other water
·        In a pitcher or a container add the  ice cubes, lime juice, mint crushed with your hands, starawberry pieces.
·        Remove ginger and pour the hot ginger water to the pitcher (where you have put the ice cubes etc.)
·        Pour the sugar hot water too
·        Make it cold  if you like  or even add sugar if you please so…….

·        In the last if you like you may add a dash of  Vodka……………J

The flavor of the lime, ginger, strawberry and lime is so  soothing to sip I personally would like to have this  beautiful pink drink very cold. Very apt a  drink for summer as its so nice and refreshing.


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