Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Watermelon (Pinky…..Juice)

Who doesn’t like this pinky fruit. As we reach summer this is best time to enjoy this lovely thick fleshy pinky fruit, the real  thirst quencher which  is fully packed with some of the most important antioxidants in nature. This fruit is an excellent source  of vitamin A, B and C. Watermelon and green tea team up to prevent prostate cancer too.

Before I go further  let me tell you guys how to pick up a good watermelon:

The best way to choose a flavorful melon is to look at the color and quality of the flesh, which should be a deep color and absent from white streaks. If it features seeds, they should be deep in color.
When choosing a whole watermelon, look for one that is heavy for its size with a rind that is relatively smooth and that is neither overly shiny nor overly dull. In addition, one side of the melon should have an area that is distinct in color from the rest of the rind, displaying a yellowish or creamy tone. This is the underbelly, the place that was resting on the ground during ripening, and if the fruit does not have this marking, it may have been harvested prematurely, which will negatively affect its taste, texture and juiciness.  
  • 4 cups watermelon, cut in chunks, seeds removed (preferably)
  • 2 tablespoons lime juice
  • A pinch of salt
  • Sugar or honey as per your choice


1.         Combine watermelon, sugar, and lime juice in a blender.
2.       Process until smooth puree is obtained. Strain into a pitcher and let it to cool
3.       Serve them into a nice decorative glass

What are you waiting just gulp  down a glass of this  wonderful summer cooler, makes you really refreshing.


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  1. Looks like an amazing & a very refreshing drink :D


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