Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chicken Curry (My amma’s recipe)

This curry takes me to my childhood days, non-veg especially chicken was prepared most probably only on Sunday, no one is fussy to have lunch  this day as we know mom would prepare this chicken curry. Its spicy and yummy, everyone loved it. My mom is a wonderful cook,  some of her recipes  are too good, especially the non veg. Infact  I shall share all the recipes here slowly. 

When my mom visits us here  the first request from my hubby and my daughter is to make this  world class chicken curry.  I have adapted this recipe from my mom and tried making here so that I can share it with you guys. I tell you its never upto the mark to mom’s way of making this dish, probably that’s the magic touch of a mother’s love. I miss her cooking so much……L

This is not a dish with lots of gravy, basically a thick gravy which will go very well with rice, sambar, any Indian breads/rotis. The more you make it watery the taste is not that much, so I have felt retaining to  thick gravy is better to enjoy this dish.


Chicken – 500gms
Big Onions – 1 big size  
Green chillies – 2nos
Red chilli whole   as per your taste
Coriander whole – 2 ½  tbsp
Garlic  paste– 1 tbsp
Peper whole  – ¼ tsp
Garam masala – ½ tsp
Ginger  paste – 1 tbsp
Tomatoes – 1 big size
Turmeric  - 1/4tsp
Salt – to taste
Oil – about 2 tbsp (coconut oil or any cooking oil u prefer)
Coriander and curry leave – 2 sprigs each

·        I have used the whole red chilli and whole coriander. Infact I avoid using the store bought  powders for any of my recipes.
·        I mix the whole  kashmiri chilli  (for the colour) and the spicy chilli  together) for this recipe
·        Please don’t use the store bought garam masala – just take  all the types of garam masala you have at home including some fennel and fry them without oil and then powder them and use it when needed.
·        Infact if you have khas khas (poppy seeds) go ahead and add that to the garam masala, we don’t get it here hence I have left it out, this enhances the flavor more to the curry.

·        Clean and wash the chicken with turmeric and keep aside  
·        Use a dry pan and fry the coriander seeds, whole red chilli and pepper to golden brown. When this is cooled well powder this to fine and keep aside.
·        Add oil/ghee and then put the crushed garam masala, throw in the onions and fry till light brown, then add up the ginger and garlic paste, turmeric, washed chicken and a bit of salt and nicely mix it and allow it sauté well
·        Now put in the tomatoes and then the  masala powder and mix well.
·        Add a bit of water to ensure the chicken to get cooked.
·        Final check on the salt if  required add more.
·        At this stage normally I pressure cook it well and garnish it with coriander and curry leaves with a dash of coconut oil for flavor in the end.

 Enjoy this dish with some chopped raw onions to have it along with this. It tastes good and a perfecto combi!!!



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