Friday, December 14, 2012

Rice Puttu Upma

Recently I had some left out puttu and  then no one wanted to eat it again for dinner, so in the evening during dinner I restyled the puttu and served. Every one wiped of the plate. Sometimes these kind of twists helps in not wasting food and clearing off the left overs.

BTW its a very cloudy day here and I see the roads are has drizzled. Loving it. Let me capture some pics for u guys. 
I am not a late sleeper awake with full energy and in a really happy mood to bake something good. Hmmm what to do...... what to do.....  

I have a small garden in my balcony  where I have coriander, curry, mint leaves, green chillies, lemon and papaya growing. I am so happy see  what has come up......................bindi another plant blooming with flowers thats for sure  some kind of vegetable as I have the crazy habit of  planting all the seeds of the vegetable that I  use in my kitchen. 

You guys have a happy weekend and here I go with the recipe.

Ingredients :

First you make puttu, please see recipe here

Onion – 1 big finely chopped
Oil – 2 tbsp
Green chilli – 3 -4 nos chopped
Curry leaves – 2 sprigs
Mustard – ¼ tsp
Urud daal – ¼ tsp
Channa daal – 1 tsp
Peanuts  – 1 tbsp (Optional)
Salt – see and add as we usually add in puttu also
Water – 1 or 2 tbsp – if needed
Fresh coconut for garnish


Crumble the puttu and keep aside.

Add oil in a pan, throw in the mustard, urud, channa daals and peanuts, when they are golden brown, add onion, greenchilli chopped and sauté till translucent

Now add the crumbled puttu into this and mix well, check the salt.  At this sprinkle little water and cover the lid so that  the puttu and all the ingredients gets well incorporated.
Garnish with coconut and its ready to serve.

This goes well with a cup of hot tea J



  1. wow lovely puttu... but i love sweet version more than savory version...
    Raw Garlic Chutney

  2. Can guess how you will be enjoying the day..Happy for you. Cute garden as well.

    Upma sounds quite filling and different.

  3. first time on your space , happy to follow you. nice idea to use the leftovers. visit me in your spare time.

    sara's tasty buds

  4. looks so good and yummy..

  5. Wow lovely view :) enjoy and very different recipe too, loving your plants

  6. super tempting and inviting . Join me in Fast Food - Poha event in my blog.

  7. Nice puttu!!! I din't try puttu yet!!

    Congrats !! grab your award!!

  8. Yummy puttu upma...nice recipe..

  9. There are times when the makeovers are better than the original! And that is because these steamed products get some oil and fat and it improves the taste. But the steamed one of course is healthier

  10. Lovely recipe Latha....Very different!
    Will try for sure:)

  11. 1st time here..Really very happy to meet u n ur space dear...dis luks really healthy..
    BTW Iam back to blogging..plz visit my space n if gets sum time check out my new FB page dear.Thanks in advance..

  12. Thanks one and all for the lovely comments.
    You guys make me keep going.


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