Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ragi Puttu

Red finger millet is my favorite, I had so much of the flour in my shelves  and thought of making something and I landed up with this. You can use a mold  to make this otherwise even steam this in a cloth. You can get to buy the store bought ragi puttu powder and make this too. I have tried using the fresh flour hence roasting is needed.

Basically  you don’t need a curry to have this puttu as it goes very well with bananan or you may add some sugar and enjoy this. Just ensure you add in enough of fresh coconut whilst making.


Ragi - 1  cup
Salt  a generous pinch
Fresh grated coconut - 3 tbsp
Water as much as you need


Dry roast the ragi flour very lightly as I love to retain the colour of the puttu. Let it cool. Mix salt in water and add the water little by little to the ragi flour and mix it. You should be careful while mixing the water to the ragi flour. The flour should be should be in a powdered form but wet enough when you hold it in your hands.

Take the puttu mold, first put a generous coconut layer and then the ragi  flour then again coconut and then the ragi flour topped with coconut. Cook for about 5 minuts until the steam comes out of the puttu maker  or Steam cook it in puttu maker or idly stand or tied inside a thin cloth for about 5 to 10 minutes.




  1. Healthy breakfast. Today am also prepared

    1. Relly very nice and I luv the aroma of the put when its hot.

  2. healthy and filling puttu :) i am not a great fan of them but mom loves it

  3. puttu is my favorite breakfast...luv this healthy ragi puttu

  4. Hi..Looks so delicious..I like puttu...Ragi is so healthy too...I think u misspelled as riceflour...

  5. My favorite puttu...I'm loving it...nyum nyum...

  6. I just bought a puttu-maker, waiting to try this..

  7. Nice healthy puttu..I love this one :) Looks too yum dear :)
    Soya Chunks Curry / Meal Maker Curry

  8. Love this healthy puttu, one of my fav.


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