Monday, August 27, 2012

Rice Rotis of Malabar or Pathiri

Pathiri the soft and fluffy rotis one of the  speciality of Malabar cooking,  During my childhood days my neighbor aunty would make these very often at their place and I have seen her make these in huge piles as their family was big.  I wondered what was so great in this. Believe me once I made at my place  I  loved it so much that I  make this often at my place, this  goes well with any nadan curries.  Not going to chat more and getting on the recipe.


Rice Flour – 1 cup (I used double horse pathiri podi)
Water-12 cup
Salt-to taste
Thick Coconut Milk- ¼ cup

·        Add salt to the water and allow it boil well. Throw in  the flour, mix and  cover with a lid, lower the heat and let it cook for a minute. Uncover and stir well till  it is well mixed. Remove from fire and keep covered for another 10 minutes. When its cooled enough  knead well.
·        Make equal sized balls of about the size of a small lemon. Roll it out evenly into very thin pathiris. Sprinkle rice flour while rolling to prevent sticking don’t use  much flour as it will harden the pathiris .  Use a round cutter or a lid with sharp edges to make perfect rounds.
·        Heat up a griddle and when it is medium hot, place a pathiri on it. After a few seconds, turn it over. Repeat this once more. Press lightly and it will  puffs up, remove it from the griddle now at this stage.  Same procedure like the chapathi making.
·        Smear a tablespoon of coconut milk on each pathiri and keep covered.

Its so soft, thin lacy and fluffy rice rotis/ pathiris. I made some Thani nadan chicken curry to with this. Delicious it was.
Here's the attapoov that I have put yesterday and today!!


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