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Focaccia is a very popular flat oven-baked Italian bread in Italy . Don’t get scared with the name thinking its gonna be a big task in baking this. I tell you it’s a very simple and lovely bread, especially for the kids snack box. Ofcourse don’t need any special gadgets to make this.
I have given a small twist by adding  little bit of spices according to my taste buds. No worry on the butter or egg as  just few ingredients  like flour, yeast, salt,  olive oil and ofcourse the main ingredient is the  Italian herbs is just enough to make this. 

As I baked the aroma of the Italian herbs was completely  in the nook and corner of the house. You can top this with onion, cheese and meat or flavored with  your choice of vegetable. I just loved it to be just with the onions as the taste with onion was too good.

This rustic Italian bread is perfect as an appetizer served with a dipping oil  with garlic and herbs into the oil or a side to your favorite pasta dish.

I loved to have it with tea and indeed  good for breakfast too.

Adapated this recipe from
All Purpose Flour – 2.5 cups
Warm Water –  ½ + 1/3 cup
Active Dry Yeast – 1 tsp
Sugar – 1 tsp
Salt – 1 tsp
Olive Oil – 3 tbsp + 1 Tbsp for coating the bottom of the pan +2 tbsp for coating the dough
Red chilli flakes – I have used this  its optional
Rosemary but I  have used dried mixed Italian herbs – 1 tsp
Onion – 1/4 small, sliced finely

1.         In the food processor bowl or mixing bowl if kneading by hand, mix warm water, yeast and sugar. cover and keep for 5-10 minutes until foamy.
2.       Add salt, olive oil and  flour (more can be added if u need so).
3.       Pulse the food processor until the dough comes together. Run the food processor for 1 minute. Add more flour (1/4 cup at a time) as needed until dough forms.
4.       Knead dough on a floured work surface now you add your chilli flakes (optional) or large bowl for 1 minute or until a smooth ball forms.
5.       Generously drizzle Olive oil to coat the bottom of a 15×10 inch baking pan.
6.       Place dough ball in pan and press into the bottom into an even rectangle shape.
7.       Cover with kitchen towel and keep in a warm place for 1 to 1  ½  hours to rise.

Preheat Oven to 425F/218C
8. With your finger, gently make indentations (poke) one inch apart all over the dough.

9. In a small bowl, mix 2-3 Tbsp of olive oil with rosemary and sliced onions.

10. Spread the oil mixture over the top of the risen dough. Arrange Onions/mixed herbs evenly over the  dough.
11. Bake Focaccia for 20 mins at 425F/218C (Keep an eye on it towards the end – all ovens are different).
12. Enjoy hot and store unused portion in an airtight container in the fridge.



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