Friday, August 10, 2012

Nannari or Sarsaparilla Sherbet

The moment I say Nannari it takes me back to my wonderful  childhood  days and  my visit with my dad to all our relatives home (I lost him 11 years back, such a wonderful person, today whatever I am in this life I owe it to my lovely parents, miss him every moment of my life and love you dad).

My summer holidays used to be in Kerala that too at the peak summer. We would have to visit all our family people during the short vacation of my dad as he would go back to Bangalore as he would have less holidays. Most of the time the mode of transport  would  be bus – which one guess that KSRTC bus J.  So when we reach Palakkad bus station  invariable I will start pestering my dad saying I am thirsty etc and cannot walk  and trouble my dad. My first choice of drink would be the sherbet, he would make it with goli soda (I still remember the soda bottle with a  marble in it). Ah!!  That drink would refresh us so much. My dad loved to walk, so he would always say the distance to any destination was walkable and all that he will do is to tell us the relatives place is so close and lets walk it out. By then I reach the place I am dead like as he must have made us walk like 1 kilometer  ha ha!!  

Sarsaparilla is a medicinal plant that has roots with therapeutic properties. The extract of sarsaparilla root makes sarsaparilla syrup that can be used for preparing sarsaparilla drink. A very popular drink in India, it is known as nannari or naruneendi. The drink prepared from sarsaparilla is known as sarsaparilla sherbet or nannari sherbet. Sarsaparilla drink is a popular summer beverage in India.

Sarsaparilla has several medicinal properties. Sarsaparilla root extract is a wonderful body coolant. Sarsaparilla root cools body, and is therefore widely used in summer. It is a great summer drink. It also works as an excellent blood purifier and cools the body, it  is also believed to help skin problems, chronic rheumatism, urinary infection and stomach heat problems.

These days the mercury level is so high here,  plenty of water, fresh juices and drinks likes these are most welcome and refreshing. During my visit to Kerala every year I pick up my quote of the nannari sherbet. So that I can have it in the peak summer here.

The long leaves seen in the picture is the Sarsaparilla plant. The root of this plant is used to make sarsaparilla extract.

To prepare Sarsaparilla drink for one person?

3  tsp of  Nannari syrup   **                                                                                                                        A  glass of  water or club soda  to top up the glass (I love to have it with water)                                               3  tsp of  Nannari                                                                                                                                       2 tsp of fresh lime juice or to your taste level
a slice of lemon for garnish

** ready to use bottle are available in any herbal pharmacies in  Kerala

I also made a watermelon slush and then added some nannari sherbet there. It tasted very nice as well.

Put some ice cubes into each glass, then divide the lime juice and nannari  syrup between the glass and top up with water or club soda. Stir to combine. Garnish with a slice of lime.  You don’t have to add sugar at all.
Happy Sipping!!


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