Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Oats & Mango Smoothie

Personally  I am not a big fan of Oats, somehow  just don’t like to have it in any form either me or none from my family. Looking at the health benefits of having Oats,  I thought having oats in this form. Truly you will never know there is oats in this  at all. I need not say more on the red finger millet as to how good its for our good health.
You may add up different fruits of your choice and enjoy this drink. You can even keep it watery  so that the kids can just gulp it in the morning before they leave to school. Please ensure to keep the drink smooth if they plan to gulp it straithgt. Alternatively you can  keep it thick so that they can scoop and enjoy this then may be you should garnish with nuts or dates syrup or chocolate flavour or saffron, keep changing the flavours the kids will love it.  Its really a filling drink. These days this is my new breakfast J


½ cup red finger millet powder (Ragi/Nachini)  
½ cup oats powder (powder the regular oats)  
1cup of boiled cold milk (if you need more  you may add)  
1 tbsp of curd 
1 tbsp honey (your level of sugar or you may avoid if you like) 
Mint leaves  2pc chopped forgarnish  (Optional) 
Mango Puree – ½ cup            
Mango chunks for garnishing        



·        Take a pan add ½ cup milk when it boils add the oats and ragi.  Let it cook well when it becomes thick add some more milk so that its cooked well. Let it cool.
·        In a blender jar add in the mango puree, honey, milk, curd, honey and then the cooled ragi, oats mixture and make it a nice puree. Let everything get blended well.
·        In a bowl mix the mango chunk and the mint leaves and keep aside
·        Use a nice mug/glass layer the mango chunks with mint and then top it with the blended puree and then again top it with mango and mint junks.
·        You may garnish with nuts and some chocolate if you are giving to kids.
Enjoy this wonderful smoothie!!


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