Thursday, August 9, 2012

Chicken 65 – Chicken Kebab

Have you been to Bangalore Empire, they have so many outlets in Bangalore. If you visited then  you must have for sure tried this chicken kebab, this is one of their specialty  and they are well know for this kebab. Being a Bangalorean I never had an opportunity to try their food in Bangalore due to my own personal reasons. The time  they opened the restaurant in Dubai my hubby insisted that I should try this chicken kebab as he said  he  had for many years this kebab from Bangalore and they were outstanding.


The first time I had  this in their outlet in Dubai. As the kebabs came they had served it so hot that you are irresistible to wait for the kebabs to cool down and then try your luck on that. The first bite of the kebab  gave me a feel that it was so juicy and the outer layer that’s the batter was so crispy. It looks like I am writing a restaurant review, sure that is not the intention at this point of time. 


I have a wonderful friend Vanaja who I have been associated  for the last 17years and she is  like my sis.  Every year I visit her home in Bangalore and her mom (OMG what an excellent cook she is, anything that she prepared was fantastic – magic hands) had prepared the same kebab that I loved from Bangalore Empire. Believe me it was yummy, the batter was so perfect and the chicken was marinated well in the masala and the kebabs just inviting me………………..GRAB ME ….GRAB ME… When I requested aunty for the recipe she was so overjoyed to share it with me.  

On my return back to Dubai  I made that yummy kebabs at my home each and every time I have  that I remember her so much. Less said about Aunty she  makes wonderful pickles  which needs no refrigeration and it lasts for years  out at the normal temperature.  I will post the recipe for that in the coming up posts.

Let me stop jabbering  and not make you guys bored, so here goes the yummy Chicken 65/ Chicken Kebab recipe:  


Chicken washed and cleaned – with Bones or Boneless (I prefer it to be with bones)  
Red Chilli powder –  to your spice level
Salt – to taste (half u put in the marination and the other half in the batter)
Vinegar  or lime juice – 1 tsp
Garam Masala – ¼ tsp
Corn Flour – ½ cup
Cream –  1  tsp
Sugar – ½ tsp
Red food colour liquid or powder to make the batter red ( I use powder at about less than ¼ tsp)
Water – as much as you need to make thick  batter


·        Marinate the chicken with red chilli powder, lime juice or vinegar, salt, garam masala and nicely massage the chicken and let it rest for about 1 hour.
·        Take a bowl and lets make the batter.
·        Add Corn flour, food colour, cream, salt, sugar and make a batter with water. The consistency is almost like bajji batter.
·        Add the marinated chicken to the batter and mix well
·        Deep fry the chicken  kebabs in oil with medium temperature, until the chicken is cooked well. Don’t worry the chicken will get cooked well.

Believe me you can make a wonderful chicken kebabs at your home with such simple ingredients and they taste much better than the restaurant ones.

I personally don’t like to add anything to the kebab when its out from the oil. Just stretch my hand and grab and  enjoy it hot, its completely  juicy, crispy, spicy and tangy. I guarantee you that it’s a party winner recipe.

I love to enjoy this kebab with  bones as it tastes much better than the boneless.  

Serve this with onions in deep red chilli masala or simple onion and lime wedges.

Let me know how you all like this recipe.  Thank you aunty for the lovely recipe J

Cheers & have a gr8 day!!

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