Saturday, July 21, 2012

Yellow Rice

Basmati  Rice - 1 cup 
Cloves 3pcs, green cardamom – 2pcs
Garlic – 1 pc
Salt – to taste
Ghee or oil
Lime juice of half small lime  
Turmeric – a pinch for the colour
Cumin seeds – a pinch


·        Soak the rice for 15 minutes and then drain and keep it aside
·        Add oil/ghee) to the pan, garam masala  & cumin seeds to pop up, put the garlic crushed
·        Add water 1:2 ratio (one cup rice means 2 cups water), add salt and lime juice and allow it boil.
·        Now add the rice and cook it in  dham or your rice cooker
·        Cook well until the rice is cooked well

This rice goes very well with the Chicken Curry in Green Masala or any Indian breads.



  1. Is this a Sri Lankan recipe? I have seen a lot of yellow rice in their cuisine, some are simple but some are a tad complicated.
    But your's look easy and has a attractive slightly yellow and green color. Love it.
    I think it should work with Manchurian too!!

    1. No dear its Indian, goes very well with chicken curry or korma.

      I doubt it will go well with Chinese.


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