Monday, July 2, 2012

Sambaram – Moru vellam (spiced butter milk)

One the of the best thirst quencher for summer. After you come back from outside the scorching heat this is one drink which gives you good relief to beat the heat.  In  Kerala, the  spiced and salted version is  known as smabharam, flavored with ginger, curry leaves and green chilies, it is served as an accompaniment for lunch to help the body digest hot and spicy food.
This is not a thick drink, its very watery and has to be served chill.
At my place we love this any time of the day during summer, especially my daughter she just loves this.


Curd ~ 1 cup
Water ~ 2 cup ((we get very thick curd  here hence 2 cups of water I have added)
Chopped  Ginger ~ 1 inch
Green chillies ~ 2-3 nos.*
Curry leaves ~ 4-5 leaves
A sprig of the coriander (no leaves)**

* You can add more  green chillies according to your spice level
** The fragrance of the coriander is on the stem.

·         Beat curd and 1 cup water in a blender. Just 2-3 pulses will be enough.
·         Crush ginger, coriander, curry leaves, and green chillies using a mortar and pestle.
·         Incorporate the crushed items to the butter milk and add salt and ice cubes



  1. You will not believe! I just made sambaram this past weekend to beat the heat here! But my version did not have corriander, so I'm going to try this! :-)

    1. Cool naa. Its a real thirst quencher and we love to haveit. Is the summer that bad there?


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