Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Ask any Bangalorean if they have missed out to taste this? Hmm its one of the lip smacking  bread toast that you should  never  miss to eat  when you are in Bangalore. Iyengar bakeries are in nook and corners of the streets in Bangalore and the aroma from the bakeries especially in the evenings is simply great. Some their  mouth watering  snacks  like puffs (so many varieties), kara biscuits. Muffins and so on the list is never endingJ. Even today  I  visit Bangalore I will never miss out a visit to the Iyengar bakery and try some of my favorite goodies.  

If Iyengars make them at Bangalore, why cant we give a try on this at our home?

This toast has been a favorite at my place no cribs and we just love this. I am  posting here a  very simple and very tasty recipe of the famous "MASALA TOAST".


Bread slices  - 4 slices  (as required and the choice of the bread is upto you)
Butter  - as much as you love on your slice
Carrots grated -  ½  cup
Onions finely chopped - 1 big
Tomatoes finely chopped - 1 medium
Green chillies finely minced - 2
Coriander leaves chopped - a few sprigs
Red chilly powder -  ½ tsp
Turmeric - a pinch
Salt to taste
A pinch of brown sugar or white sugar is fine
Oil – 2tbsp


* Take kadai add 2 tbs of oil to it
* Add onions,  green chillies and  fry till onions turn pink. Mix in tomatoes, salt, chilly powder, turmeric,  sugar and fry till the tomatoes are cooked well.
*Add the grated carrots, Garnish with coriander  leaves.

* Butter the bread slices and spread this masala on top. Preheat oven to 200 degrees F and bake the  masala topped bread slices for a 5 – 6 minutes minutes (until  the bread is nice brown in the base).  The aroma of butter and the masala will give your home a good bakery smell.

*   For the kids you can add up some cheese grated on top
*   People without microwave or even oven  can try making this –  heat a pan put some butter and toast the bread on the pan  and then you top this recipe. Do it in Sim and don’t make it too brown.

Its an amazing bread toast. You will  love it J. I thought I should post this before I eat  my breakfast. Just cant wait anymore as I am really hungry now  let me go and enjoy my  breakfast J.

Cheers & have a  nice day!!


  1. It looks very delicious Latha. I am going to try this one out this weekend.

    1. Indeed it is. Do let me know how you liked it...Have a nice day :)

  2. Hi!
    Toast looks lovely!! very apt for sunday breakfast.

  3. True to the core, Bangalore and Iyengar bakery go hand-in-hand!! The only problem is, they have not open any new branches in the Bangalore East side, actually they should.
    I have tasted and got to say one of the best snacks ever. Like a open sandwich.
    In fact, your's look even more colorful and fresher than the bakery's toast!! May be the baking trick, i guess :-)
    Love it, any day!!

  4. Lovely and delicious toast Latha... Loved it :-)


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