Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sago & Kiwi Payasam

After a big break I am back here again. How are  you all doing? 

Recently I received a complimentary box of Gold kiwi fruits from Zespri.  I have tried the green ones from Zespri they are so fresh and yummy. This time it was a box of gold Kiwi, they were so firm from out but very sweet, fresh  and yummy, I have never had a gold kiwi earlier and this was the first time I got to taste this delicious fruit. I loved it more than the green one.

Zespri Kiwifruit contain so many vitamins and minerals, they’re truly bursting with natural goodness. The powerful combination of vitamins C and E, potassium, folate, and dietary fibre, gives Zespri Kiwifruit one of the highest nutrient density and adequacy scores compared to other common fruit.  I had made this  payasam with kiwi pulp, it was so delicious.


Sago  - ½ cup

Milk  full cream – 2 cups

Sugar ½ cup

Cashew & Raisins – 8 each

Cardamom – 2 nos

Ghee – 1 tsp just to fry the raisins and cashew

Water – 2 or 2 ½ cups (as much as you need)

Zespri gold Kiwi  pulp – 1 cup

Zespri gold kiwi chopped – 2 nos for garnish



Lightly roast the sago in ½ tsp of ghee for 2-3mins set aside. In the same pan add remaining ghee and roast cashews, raisins until golden brown, set aside.

In a vessel boil water, then add sago to boiling water cook until sago turns completely transparent. Drain off the extra water and set the cooked sago aside. I washed it under the running and water and then kept aside.
Boil milk 1 ¾ cup and let it boil well till it thickens. Now add sugar and mix well till sugar completely dissolves. Now throw in the cooked sago and keep cooking for 5 mins. in low flame, keep stirring till it blends well with the milk. Put in the cardamom powder, raisins and cashew, give it a good mix and  put off the flame.

Before since you  need to add the left out milk since the sago tends to sit and thicken. Add  the kiwi pulp  mix well and serve chilled.

Serve  chilled  garnished with generous kiwi finely chopped.



  1. Hi Latha, welcome back...
    Kiwi payasam looks super delicious, I have never tried these will give it a shot...

  2. Wow delicious, I want the whole bowl.

  3. Kiwi payasam adipoli, welcome back.

  4. I have some kiwi too. Will try soon.. Welcome back dear

  5. Looks inviting and innovative and nice to see you after a long break

  6. Omg payasam with kiwi??? very very innovative and delicious kheer :) looks yumm dear !!

  7. Very innovative recipe! I like the color of this kiwi, so vibrant!

  8. wow! seems to be a good idea with small twist to regular sago payasam

  9. yum yum... it looks delicious dear :)

  10. Even I did not know about golden kiwi so far..must have tasted yummy...loved it!!

  11. The fruit looks so good, healthy and inviting and equally good is what you did with it. I am impressed with this version of sago kiwi payasam which is lined up to be tried out soon.

  12. wow kiwi in payasam tats amazing....

  13. welcome back and payasam with chopped fruits is really healthy and inviting...

  14. Welcome back..Wat an incredible payasam,lovely fusion..

  15. hi Latha...welcome back..did wonder, why we didnt get to see you much oflate. And hey ! jsut prepared something like this last week..sago with banana but..will post it soon..Happy New Year dear !


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