Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Vangibath (Rice with Eggplant in an aromatic powder)

Tired of making curry, accompaniments and preparing a full meal each day. Take a break and here goes a simple and easy lunch perfect and yummy to fill your hungry tummy.
Yet another fantastic  cuisine of Karnataka which has some unique combination of rice and eggplant.

You can make this spice powder and use it whenever you need them its so handy for lunch box on a lazy day. Just need some crunchy like chips to accompany or some of them like to eat with simple raita.

1 cup rice
6 small brinjals (Use the long green brinjal however you can make with any brinjal that you have)
Vangibath powder - 2 tsp
Curry leaves – 2 sprigs
Lemon  juice – 1 tsp
Oil – 3 tbsp

Vangi bath masala powder
Chana dal- 3 tsp
urad dal- 3 tsp
Fenugreek  seeds-  4 seeds
Dry coconut- 3 tsps
Red chillies- 5 to 6 or to your level of spice
Cumin - 1 tsp
Coriander seeds- 1 tsp
Cloves- 2
Cardamom- 1
Cinammon stick- a small piece                                                                                                                      Oil – 1 tsp

Fry all the above ingredients in 1 tsp oil. Grind to a smooth paste and use 2 tsps of this mixtue for the vangi bath.

Cook the rice with 2 cups of water.

Cut the brinjals ½  inch lenght wise.

Take a large non-stick skillet put 3 tbsps of oil, few mustard seeds, few curry leaves and throw in the  brinjal with some salt. Cook till the brinjal becomes tender. Now add ½  tsp salt, 1 tsp vangi bath powder and just cook for a minute and then turn of the stove.

After 10 minutes  remove the brinjal mixture from the skillet and place in a plate. Now in the same skillet put the rice with 3 tsps of oil, 1 tsp of vangi bath powder, ¼ tsp of salt and lemon juice. Gently mix all the ingredients, with out breaking the rice.

Once the spices are well incorporated in the rice, add the brinjal mixture to the rice and mix it well. Check for the final salt and sour of lime is perfect. If need you can adjust at this time here.

Enjoy this with a pack of nice potato chips.



  1. Looks so delicious!! Love the spices used :) Must be very aromatic!! Thanks for linking too :)
    Potato Pepper Fry / Urulaikilangu Milagu Varuval

    1. Divya,

      Hmm very different kind of taste for the rice.

  2. Mouth-watering...I would just grab this plate and wipe it clean...

  3. Looks great, interesting combination! Thanks Latha for visiting me and for your sweet words. Happy to follow you :)

  4. Thanks for visiting my space and leaving ur comment. First time here,you have a beautiful space too..

    Vangibath rice, i can survive for many days with it.

  5. Lovely flavor rice dish.

  6. Flavorful rice. First time here. Happy to follow

  7. Nice combo n decoration too..

    Participate in my event with giveaways...
    Restyle My Taste !!

  8. Looks yummy .nice presentation. First time your blog am following u .Glad if u follow me back


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