Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thuviyal with ridge gourd

This vegetable most of us avoid using much, you can make stew it tastes really nice, will post that soon. However try this out no one will say that this dish is made with this vegetable.
Have been really busy at office and at the home front and unable to post the recipes daily, will do it slowly right,
Cheers and you guys all have a gr8 day!!

Ridge gourd  – 1
Red chillies – 2 to 3
Urad dhal – 2 tablespoons
Asafotida – a generous pinch
Tamarind – A lime size OR u can add to your taste  but don’t reduce
Salt – 1 teaspoon or as per taste
Oil – 2 teaspoons

For tempering:

Oil – 1 teaspoon
Mustard – ½ teaspoon
Curry leaves – a sprig

Wash and remove only the ridges on the gourd and cut it along with the skin into medium size pieces.
In a kadai add  a teaspoon of oil and fry asafotida, urad dhal, red chillies along with the tamarind. Remove it.  Into the same kadai add one more teaspoon oil and add the ridge gourd  pieces and fry on a medium flame for about 5 to 6 minutes. Remove and cool it for 10 minutes.
In a mixie jar, add in the fried dhal, chilli, asafotida, tamarind along with salt and powder it. Then add the fried rdige gourd and just  pulse it  for a second as we don’t need a smooth paste. Reason being as  we enjoy this thuviyal, you should get bits and pieces of the ridge gourd in your mouth and that’s really nice.

Add oil and when its hot throw in the mustard  and when it splutters add in  curry leaves and put this into the thuviyal and mix it well.
Goes very well with hot rice and few drops of ghee or with chapathi or anything you like the way.


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