Friday, February 1, 2013

Gajar Ka Halwa or Carrot Halwa

After a  lovely short  break  its time to get back to my blogging with this wonderful  sweet loved by many.   Hope all is well with you guys. I missed  you all and could not stop visiting my space but with a very short time always.

This sweet is also prepared with condensed milk or even using khoya. I somehow like to make it this way and that too using  Delhi carrots  as its so juicy and perfect for this sweet. A very simple and easy to make dish  rich with nuts and tastes great. You can increase or decrease the level of sugar to your taste.

Total time taken : 1 hour
Serves – 6


Delhi Carrots - 500 gms
Sugar - 300 gm
Full cream milk - 2 cups
Cardamom  powder - ¼ tsp
Ghee or vegetable oil  - 2 tbsp
Cashew nuts - 12 nos.
Almonds – 6 nos.


Wash,  peel the carrots and grate them thin

In a  kadai,  add  2 tablespoon of ghee or oil  and then throw in the grated carrots and sauté lightly for couple of minutes in low flame.  Don’t burn them by keeping the flame high.

Add 2 cups of milk and let it boil on low flame till the mixture is almost dry. At this stage add in the sugar and give it a good mix and let this continue to cook it till all the milk is evaporated. Now you will see the milk has formed small chunks like. Mix in the cardamom powder  and put off the flame.

Let the halwa cool down a bit, then add chopped almonds, cashews.

The  halwa is ready to serve.


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  1. Looks lovely... Like the bright vibrant color.

  2. These Indian carrots are best for making gajar ka halwa..the orange ones which we get here does not give the same taste and colour. I too make the halwa almost similar way. Love ur presentation !

  3. I love carrot halwa....looks so rich and creamy...

  4. i just love carrot halwa.. glad to see you back :)

  5. yes..this is gajar halwa.perfectly done n perfect name.

  6. yummy and tempting !!! absolutely gorgeous pics !!

  7. Looks tempting. Delhi Carrots will give good taste.

  8. Its been so long to see those fresh pinkish carrots.Lovely dessert.

  9. fav....can eat it anytime....well vibrant n rich....

  10. Indian carrots so good for this. Lovely dessert.

  11. this is sooooooooooo yum, thanks for liking to me event

  12. We too missed you,hope you had a wonderful short break.

    Very tempting halwa, love it very much.

  13. Thxs for visiting my space ! I love delhi carrots, rich color and juicy...i miss them so much !awesome halwa

  14. I luv gajar halwa, looks so tempting...welcome back with luvly sweet !

  15. Those Delhi carrots are gorgeous! So bright in color!
    The carrot halwa looks tasty, nice lower-carb treat too.

  16. Halwa looks rich and colorful dear. Very well done.

  17. Winter does not seem complete without this dessert. Looks delish!

  18. Thank you all for the comments and for visiting here.

  19. Carrot Halwa looks delicious. Nice colour.


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