Thursday, February 21, 2013


A  lovely tea time snack. Lots of work in it as you need to have tremendous patience to do this small petty things to get the final result of this mixture. I love this  home made mixtures especially this is how my mom makes it.
During festivals its my dads duty to sit and make the ribbon pakodas and the sev.  Mom will make the batter and give as poor thing she will be engrossed with the other preprations for the festivals.  So wonderful it used to be that even today I feel so happy thinking of my childhood days and the time we have spent doing all such things together.
My part of the job  was to make small pieces of the sev and pakodas.  My dad was an expert for the final touches for the mixture as he would mix all the ingredients so well  by tossing it without touching hands. Miss my dad terribly.

Ingredients : 

Rice flour -  ½  cup
Besan  - 2 cups                                                          
Red  chilli powder – 1  tbsp
Poha thick variety & white colour– ¼ cup                      

Peanuts with skin – ¼  cup
Fried  Channa Dal -  ¼  cup
Curry leaves : 6 sprigs
Oil  for frying
Salt to taste
Hing – a pinch                                                                                

Water *                                                                                           
Garlic – 2  nos  (Optional) I normally add

* as much as needed to make the batter


In a big bowl  sift the  rice and besan flour. To that flour add  1 tsp red chilly powder, salt, hing and  make it a thick dough by adding little by little water.

In a big kadai add oil  as much as half of the kadai and let it get hot slowly.
First we will start to make the ribbon pakoda, use the mold to make the  design of  ribbion pakoda. Pass the dough in the  mold and  press into the hot oil the ribbon pakodas, fry both the sides well and keep it aside. Ensure the oil is not too hot as it may burn the outer side soon and the inner part wont be cooked well. Make medium 2 rings of the pakoda and that should be enough.
Now change the disc to  sev design, the ones we use to make idiyappams. Pass some dough into the mold and press it into the oil in circular motion and fry both the sides till golden colour. Sev is very thin and light and  hence  wont take much of  time unlike the ribbon pakoda. Ensure to keep the flame in  medium. Make about  5 or 6  rounds and let this drain out the excess oil  on paper towel
To the remaining batter add some more water and make it into a nice smooth   batter  i.e  when we pour the batter into the boondi maker it should  fall  into small  round beads.  
When the oil is medium hot, keep the boondi maker in your left hand and take it above the  oil and with the right hand pour some  batter on the boondi maker. Now you will see small round dropplets of the batter forming like beads. Fry them till golden and keep it aside to remove the excess oil on paper towel. Use the batter completely
We  have to fry the peanuts in the same oil till golden and keep it aside.

Fry the channa dal until it turns into a  light golden color.  

In a pan, add 1 tsp of oil, to that add the crushed garlic,  red chilli powder, salt,  curry leaves and give it a good mix.

We are ready to give a good mix. In a large bowl, place the  ribbon pakoda and sev. Use your hands   make the sev and ribbon pakodas small pieces. Add all the  other fried stuffs and gently toss it so that it will get incorporated well with the sev and ribbon pakodas.
Mix well and when it is completely cooled, store it in an airtight container and enjoy this snack.


  1. So nicely done Latha, I know how much work and time it takes..

  2. Crunchy munchy, mixture are always my favourite, i can have a whole plate full of this mixture.

  3. tempting and inviting clicks..

  4. parcel me some,can smell the aroma of fresh baked goods..yummy!!

  5. I love mixture....urs look absolutely delicious...I simply love to have it with curd rice...I can munch on it anytime...looking awesome...

  6. wow looks same like a store bought mixture .. perfectly made :) pack some n send it to me dear :) tempting me!!!..

  7. delicious n perfcet tea time snack....

  8. My favorite tea time snack. would love some now

  9. looks like the one we get from krishna sweets all time favorte.....

    im going to grab tht plate....ha ha...

  10. looks delicious and nicely done..

  11. this is a must have for Diwali for my dad...its his fav...looks crunchy

  12. yummy... no need to get frm market nw..:)

  13. Takes more time but a good home made snack for tea time.

  14. it is my fav snack.i am craving for it have made it perfect.

  15. here v dont have besan..miss dis..all time fav snack.

  16. Oh i luv this, delicious snack. PERFECTLY MADE.

  17. Picture perfect! Kudos to your patience

  18. My all time favorite! I have not tried it at home.

  19. This is a perfect with my evening tea / coffee.. we used to have loads of this , sometimes with chopped onions and tomatoes.


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