Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Vegetable Noodles – desi style with Indo mie

My favourite Chineseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee J. 

Getting prepared to make Chinese  takes lot of time  as It involves  chopping and crushing stuffs etc. Once you start making you can just finish it  very quickly. You can find so many variety of noodles in the market like Maggi, Indo mie and so on. I use these two in particular. I love to use  Indo mie better for this recipe or else go for maggi curry flavor. Its very rare you can find someone who say that they don’t like noodles L.

Lets go ahead with a  very basic  and simple recipe for now.

Indo mie  noodles – 2pack                                                                                                               Vegetables  cut lengthwise very think (carrot, capsicum, cabbage) if you have  sprouts  ok otherwise leave      Garlic crushed – ½ tsp                                                                                                                              Soya sauce – 2 tbsp                                                                                                                            Seasoning stuffs from the packet – use everything they have given                                                           Oil/butter – 2 tbsp – your choice                                                                                                             Onion – 1 big sliced                                                                                                                                     White pepper powder – optional – this is upto to  your spice level

*  In a pot, add water and allow it boil. Break the noodlesand allow it cook. When its done  strain it and run it   
    under the cold water immediately  drizzle few drops of oil   and give it a good massage J and let the noodle
*  Take a pan, add the oil/butter, then throw in the crushed garlic sauté and then add onion for 2 mins
*  Now put in the vegetables – I like the vegetables to be crunchy so I am not cooking more, if u like do it to your
*  Put all the seasoning powder which comes with the noodles pack
*  Add the cooked noodles and mix well. Now you add in the soya sauce and check if you need pepper powder
    add some.  I like my noodles spicy so I have added.
*  Normally with soya sauce the salt should be fine for the dish, if you feel add up.
*  Don’t make and keep and eat at a later point of time. You should eat  hot.

Delicious and yummy noodles ready to have with your favorite sauces.


Chinese food is as such very oil, as their process of cooking is either deeply fried and very few dishes are of steamed. I suggest whenever you eat oily food, just have a glass of nice warm water immediately after your meal. Please don’t drink cold water and then the warm water. Its of no use.

Since the food is oil they say it will stick into your body very easily, by having  hot water it will melt. I wonder how far its true. I do it as I don’t loose anything just by having a mug of hot water J after enjoying a good Chinese meal.



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