Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Puttu & Green Kadala Curry

Puttu….. is a very popular South Indian  breakfast at Kerala. I have used here the matta rice flour (boiled rice) and fresh coconut. One  need  to have a puttu maker to get the cylindrical and round shapes. You can make with rice flour, ragi, wheat, multi grains with many variations in the stuffing and choice are unlimited.



Rice flour – 2 cups **
Coconut – 1 fresh grated coconut
Salt  to taste
Water – as per your requirement

Mix salt in water and add the water little by little to the rice flour and mix it. You should be careful while mixing the water to the rice flour. The flour should be should be in a powdered form but wet enough when you hold it in your hands. For this matta rice powder, it absorbs lots of water. If you don’t add enough of water,  puttu will not be good. Also a point to note, very little of rice flour is enough to make the puttu when compared to the normal rice flour.

Take the puttu mold, first make a coconut layer and then the mixed rice flour then again coconut and then
The rice flour topped with coconut. Cook for about 5 minuts until the steam comes out of the puttu maker.

Since its matta rice puttu, its so soft and yummy better than the other raw rice version.

** I bought this rice flour from Guruvayur. When you go to the temple exit the West nada, turn right and on the left side is this store called Ganesh stores, he has this red and white version of the matta rice. I prefer the red rice as it tastes amazing.

Green Kadala  Curry

Whilst passing through the lentils section at the supermarket, I saw this green channa, my curiosity  was if the channa would remain green till the end?  Hence I picked it  up  and tried making this dish.

When I boiled the channa its was greenJ and looked so pretty but by  the time it was to dish out when I realized the channa changed its colour to its original  brown L. I wonder where the colour vanished as
The curry never turned green too L

This curry is without frying the coconut unlike  the normal way of roasting etc. At my place we  love to have the  curry for puttu this way. I am sure you guys will enjoy it too.


Channa : 1  cup soaked over night and pressure cooked well
Mustard – a pinch
Big Onions – 1 big size 
Red chilli powder    - as per your taste
Coriander  – 1  tbsp
Whole garam masala – clove – 1 nos, cinnamon one small pc, cardamom  1
Tomato – 1 small size
Turmeric  - a pinch
Salt – to taste
Oil – about 2 tbsp (coconut oil or any cooking oil u prefer)
Coriander and curry leave – 2 strings each

Grind this masala to fine paste
Coconut : ¼ cup
Cumin – a pinch
Garlic  - 2 pcs
Ginger  – 1 inch


·        Use a  pan add some oil, throw in the mustard then add the curry leaves, onions and fry till golden.
·        Then add in the boiled channa and mix well (retain the water)
·        Now add the coriander, red chilli powder, turmeric, tomato and sauté well, if it sticks to the pan at that time add few tbsp of boiled water that remains in the channa and mix well the masala
·        Now add salt  pour in the remaining channa boiled water. Cover & let it get cooked well for about 5 – 10 minutes.
·        Pour in the coconut masala, check the salt and let it boil
·        Off the stove, crush the garam masala and add in (optional).
·        Garnish with coriander and curry leaves if required


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