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During the festive time especially Onam and Vishu the only two grand  festivals we celebrate. My mom used to make these in big quantity as we had such lovely neighbours that we had to send  this along with the other goodies to their houses.  Believe me the tray would be full of home made goodies. Festivals are so colourful in India and I have enjoyed each and every festival. Sharing and receiving the goodies for the festival was the main thing  for us as a child, each house had their own specialty and would look forward to get the goodies from our neighbours for their respective festivals.  

Mom would prepare the batter and  handover the process of making these achappams to me. No choice had to help her as she had many other things catch up with. This is one snack which needs enough of  your patience to sit and complete the task of making these achappams.

Let me stop and get back to the recipe now J

Ingredients :

Rice powder : 2 cups (fine powder) **                                                                                                   Maida – 1 cup          – sieve the rice and maida  and keep it aside                                                                  Thick Coconut Milk : 1 ½  cup**                                                                                                                Eggs : 2 nos.                                                                                                                                          
Black Sesame Seeds  : 2 tsp                                                                                                                  Sugar – 1 cup powdered                                                                                                                            Salt : a pinch                                                                                                                                              Oil to  deep fry
 ** I just used about 1  ¼ cup of the coconut milk only. Probably u can use it as per the desired consistency.  
** What I did was  I used the normal ponni raw rice. Soaked it in water for couple of hours and then powdered    it in my mixie. So there was lot of moisture and hence only less coconut milk was needed.  

Method of Preparation :
·   Use a bowl add in the  rice flour and slowly add coconut milk little by little and make a semi thick batter. (The batter should be thicker than the dosa batter). Keep in mind you have to add the eggs too so let the batter be little thick)
·   Beat the eggs and add the eggs, sesame seeds,  salt, and mix well.
·   Add sugar a little at a time, mixing it in well between each addition, mix well and let the batter rest for  20-30 minutes.
·   Heat oil in a kadai. Place the  achappam mould in the oil. (Ensure the  mould is completed dipped in hot oil)
·   When the mould is hot, take the mould and  dip it  into the batter (3/4 of the mould only need be covered) and then put back  into the oil. When the batter is cooked it will detach itself from the mould and fall into the oil or just shake it a little bit or use a fork. (Don't shake too vigorously then it may break or they may not hold their shape. The key is the mould should be hot and with the oil.)
·   Turn it over so that all the sides are cooked. When achappam is browned evenly on both the sides, remove from oil allow them to drain well on paper towel.
·   Continue the same process again n again make the rest of the achappams.
·   You can substitute the batter with : full rice to make it more crunchier
·   Coconut milk or normal fresh milk can be used
·   Even make the achappam without sugar in the batter and after making them  - when its cooled you can dust the sugar powder on them. This way people who are diabetic can enjoy this too
·   Don’t worry if one or two achappams give you hard time to come out of the mould, they will surely   come out well  after couple of them.
Store them in airtight containers.
Happy munching  J


  1. Ohh my fav one :)


  2. Congratulations for your wonderful and mouthwatering recipes and the blog.Expecting more & more varieties. Keep it up. BEST OF LUCK.

  3. Thank you so much. I hope I can live upto your expectations. Hv a gr8 day!!

  4. Acchappam looks yummy yummy. I love it. Happy to follow your blog!!! Expecting your comments

    1. Thank you Yash and nice to see you here!!



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