Friday, April 12, 2013

Idiyan chakka or Raw Jackfruit Podi Thooval

Raw jackfruit or Idiyan chakka is so yummy when used in  sambar, thoran or puzuku. Today I have made this simple thoran which is very commonly cooked in most of the homes.

Jackfruit tree is one common tree which you can find in most of the backyards of any house in Kerala. It’s a very tedious  and messy job in cleaning the raw jackfruit or the riped ones.

Whilst cleaning  rub some oil in the knife and your hands so that the glue from the raw jackfruit does not stick to your hands and its easy to clean too.  

My mom makes this too good and this is how she makes it. 

Time Taken  : 45 minutes for cooking and preparing


Raw jackfruit – 1 no. (skinned out and cleaned well - ref to the pic how to clean) *
Turmeric – ¼ tsp
Red chilli  whole – 6 or 8 nos. 
Urud dal – 1 tbsp
Mustard – ½ tsp
Curry leaves – 2 sprigs
Salt to taste
Fresh grated coconut – ½ cup
Garlic crushed – 6 nos
Asafetida  – a pinch
Coconut oil  - 2 tbsp

* Clean and drop the cut pieces into a bowl of water


Add a ½ cup of water to it add turmeric and cook the raw jackfruit till cooked. Don’t add too much water as it will make this mushy.  You can keep adding water if needed to cook it in the right consistency. Once cooked  let it cool.

If any water left  out during  the cooking process, drain it out. Use a masher and just mash the raw jackfruit  with the hand masher

In a kadai add coconut oil, mustard,  urud dal, red chilli, curry leaves  and crushed garlic and saut√©  for a minute more, now add the mashed  raw jackfruit.  Give it a good mix.
Now add salt and let it get nicely mixed.

Throw in the coconut grated, check the salt level and mix well.
Serve this with steamed rice, sambar and as a side dish this will go well.


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  1. Oh yes, another remembrance of what my mum used to cook too. This is delicious and I know it for sure. The simple flavors are a joy when popped into the mouth.

  2. Am drooling.. Pass me some soon :)

  3. Looks delicious and well explained. Love to taste it as I have not tasted raw jackfruit..

  4. my favorite favorite dish...absolutely love it.this post reminds me of home!!

  5. Very delicious and flavourful kaya chakka..Who can resist to it.

  6. Hi Latha, very nice recipe, I have done this before. In fact we have a jack fruit tree back in Chennai. After I go back, I will surely try this. sounds very interesting...

  7. Looks like an awesome recipe, I have never tried this, think I must try sometime

  8. In our village similar veg is prepared with looks like shredded chicken...:)

  9. Looks super yummy,Latha! :)

  10. Awesome recipe.. happy to follow u.. plz come and visit my new blog...

  11. Ive heard of this dish but havent tried, but have tried curry with raw jackfruit and they are so delicious indeed.. Nice recipe will refer this and try next time I get one :)

  12. btw thanks a lot for posting the SNC shield :)

  13. looks very yummy. Normally my mom used to prepare fry out of raw jack fruit and surely i am going to this.

  14. Miss this here,loved a lot back home..yummy!!

  15. Looks lovely and yummy, Latha!!More like a thoran look. I know, cleaning is really a big deal with this fruit, but it tastes heavenly though.

    1. I have always notice where there is a tedious process of cleaning that stuffs turn out to be the best to use. Like chinese potatoes, this raw jackfruit etc.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  16. Great recipe... Thanks for sharing Latha :-)

  17. Thanks for visiting my blog dear...

  18. Vimitha,your recipe and pics makes me drool over my laptop :)

  19. Thank you all for the lovely comments and taking your time to visit my blog.


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