Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Drumstick Leaves or Muringa ela Thoran

The drumstick tree is a popular tree  to see in the backyards of many homes in South India. Drumstick is important vegetable in curries, sauces, and are very popular in India food.  

Every part of the drumstick tree is used up for medicinal reason and for examples, leaves are used to treat many ailments because of the high  source of iron, calcium, copper, manganese and vitamins. Leaves are used to treat many ailments such as the wheezing of asthma, bronchitis, and tuberculosis.

Like any other leaves, when cleaned it looked huge quantity but when as we cook, we just got a bowl of the thoran. You can make nice curry and even add some small fish and make it a dry dish with this leaves.

Chosen as the healthy recipe for the blog hop event:

Cooking : 20 minutes


Drumstick leaves cleaned  - as much as you have                            
Boiled  rice – 3 tbsp
Garlic – 4 cloves  chopped fine
Onion – 1 large finely chopped                                                            
Green chillies slit – 5 or 6 nos.
Turmeric a pinch
Salt to taste
Coconut oil – 2 tbsp
Grated coconut – 2 tbsp for garnish


Wash the leaves well before using.
In a kadai  add the oil, when its nice hot add the rice so that it gets puffed up and stir it till it turns brown. Now time to add the garlic and onions, green chillies, let it turns translucent.
Now add the  leaves, turmeric and some salt and give it a nice mix, reduce the flame little and close this with a lid for 5 minutes. 
Open the lid and give it another stir, if need may be you can sprinkle some water. Cook till the leaves are done and there is not moisture in it. Check salt at this time.
Garnish with freshly grated coconut.

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  1. Healthy and lovely recipe using drumstick leaves. Adding boiled rice is new to the last click

  2. Give me this bowl of health thoran with some rice and papads,can have it anytime.

  3. Muringla thoran looks adipoli Lata, Love it. Thanks for linking with Hearth and Soul blog hop.

  4. My favorite thoran,but I hated pinching those leaves(tedious job)..Yummy healthy thoran!!

  5. Ooh! I miss those leaves here. It used to be my fav. Lovely thoran Latha

  6. Thoran looks so delicious and tempting..

  7. Sure grew up eating plenty of these leaves, sometimes forced to eat by mummy. I can perfectly understand why. The leaves are remedy for cough and many others.

    Adding rice is somewhat new for me but I like to discover new ways of cooking. We add some anchovies or dried prawns into the stir fry. That said, I need to find the leaves and let my other half enjoy. His cough, esp at night????

  8. Drumsticks looks so delicious! :)

  9. one thing that i cannot get myself to eat... :( the only time i ate loads was when i delivered my elder one, athode maduthu...

  10. Drumstick leaves looks delicious.... We usually fry and grind the rice to add it, but this looks simple and easy.

  11. very healthy not geeting this in indian stores...

  12. Very healthy and nutritious recipe!

  13. Love this humble thoran, anytime healthy and very easy to make.
    And you dont even have to buy this from outside, my granny's house has a huge tree and she makes this at least once every time we go home.
    Rice , dal and this thoran would be just heavenly

  14. Looks healthy ! I was wondering where I can find them.

  15. i cannot get here,missing them so much after seeing your post and clicks.

  16. Love this spinach the most.. Any form u make it, it's tasty :)

  17. Looks yum... I like this Latha :-)

  18. Delicious and healthy thoran, grandma and ma used to force me into eating these.. Such a healthy dish :)

  19. Than you all for such lovely comments and your support keep me going.


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