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Unniappam -100th Post & 5,000 hits on my blog page!!

 and 5,000 hits on my blog page

This is my 100th post and 5,000 hits on my blog page. I wanted to  thank each on you  who have visited  and read my blog. Thank-you for all your views, comments, and recommendations. With all your support I have reached this milestone and hope you all will support me more. Thanks you once again!! Looking forward to receive your suggestions and comments to improve more.

Unniappam (deep fried sweet rice cakes)

One more recipe to the popular snacks of  Kerala. I don’t think you can find anyone who wont like this one. The combination of molasses, ghee, banana, rice flour, coconut is absolutely fanstastic. A special cast iron mold called  “Appakaram”  is needed to make this.
When you visit the temples in Kerala, we get these as  prashads too. 

Makes : 20 – 25 Unniappams (depending upon size of the mold)

Ingredients : 

Raw Rice  - 2 cups
Coconut bits - ¼   cup
Oil for frying
Ghee – 1 tbsp
Cardamom -  4 pods
Ripe small bananas -  3 nos
Jaggery  - 1 cup (more or less to your taste, I had to add one cup, start with ¾ cup)
Salt  a tiny pinch

Method : 

Soak the raw rice in water for about 3 hours.
In the meanwhile, melt jaggery with ¼  cup of hot water and make a thick syrup out of it, strain and remove all the impurities and let this syrup cool

Wash the rice and drain and grind the rice to a smooth paste  using the jaggery water. If the jaggery water is less then you may add water. Add banana, cardamom and let it nicely get grounded  well.

Fry the coconut bits in ghee till its light brown and keep it aside. When cooled add this to the rice mixture.
This is very important step you need to keep this batter for 2 – 3  hours  in a tight container, this makes the unniappam very soft.  

Place the appakaram mold  on the stove and pour into each round around ¼ oil and a dash of ghee a into each rounds. You can use complete ghee and make this. I don’t like to use more ghee hence I do it this way.

When the oil/ghee is hot reduce  the flame and pour half ladlefuls of batter into each rounds. Slightly  increase the flame so that the  appams gets cooked. You can add  more oil if needed

Use a  knife and flip  the unniappam so that let it get cooked the other side , when both the sides are golden color remove the uniappam from oil.

Drain well on paper towels and repeat the same process to make the rest of the appams.

·        If the  batter is  thick add milk to make it to the proper consistency of the idli batter
·        The shelf life for this is outside for 2 or 3 days only
Enjoy munching this delicious snack.


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  1. Congrats on your 100th post :)) Thanks for linking this yummy recipe to my event.. Unniappam looks so perfect, this is one of my favorite...


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